5 examples of stories I love to tell using Ukky

When my son Timo was born I wanted to document how I felt about him growing up. And share this stories with my inner circle of family and close friends. That’s why we have created Ukky, a magical storytelling app for parents. In this post I want to give you an insight on how I use the Ukky app to create a beautiful journal of the life of my kids. Some of the things I enjoy adding every now and then:

1. His attempts to become the new Pablo Picasso.

foto 1[2]

2. My son and me feeling like Jamie Oliver after baking our first pie.

foto 3

3. How he renamed his dinosaurs to represent himself and his best friend.

foto 4

4. Trying on daddy’s big shoes

foto 2[1]

5. Walking the dog

foto 5[2]