5 original ways to announce your pregnancy.

How to set up the perfect pregnancy announcement of your little bun in the oven? We searched the far side of the internet and found these pearls for you.

1. Logan learn’s he is going to be a Big Brother
This 11 year old gets some big news and his reaction is wonderful.

2. When my dad found out he was going to be a grandpa.
Jessica Hickey is an only child, and her dad has been a widower for 20 years. Here’s his reaction when he finds out he will be a grandfather.

3. Mommy’s Having A Baby
These sweet little kids are so excited to hear mommy’s having a baby.

4. Grandma freaks out
These parents handed out a Valentine’s Day card from their (unborn) baby to tell that she was going to be a grandma.

5. Expecting twins
And last but not least; This couple announces they are expecting twins, but… not everyone seems happy with this news ;)

How did you announce your pregnancy to your loved ones? Please share your experiences with us and post a comment!