The Company

We like a good laugh. Collectively, we share 100 GIFs per day.
If we could only take 5 things to a desert island, it would be our
iPods, smartphones, tablets, laptops and a waterproof bag – in
case we had to swim to somewhere with WiFi.

We are travelers and adventurers, though none of us have been
to Timbuktu (yet). Some of us are hipster and some are more hippie; we are united by our love of building products that change the status quo.
We believe a lunch doesn’t count until we consumed at least a kilo of Dutch cheese. Or one pack of syrup waffles.

Michel op ‘t Landt

Michel op ‘t Landt Business

Tjeerd in ‘t Veen

Tjeerd in ‘t Veen Tech

Pieter-Pleun Korevaar

Pieter-Pleun Korevaar Design

Rene Sijnke

Rene Sijnke Coding

Robin van Wijngaarden

Robin van Wijngaarden Coding