Week 1: needs more post-its

Last week the Startupbootcamp program of 2014 officially started. We are joining 10 other teams with a wide diversity of nationalities. CEO Patrick de Zeeuw and co-founder Ruud Hendriks kicked off with an inspirational introduction. Our roller coaster ride has officially started! And what a roller coaster it was. Instead of using our coding, design or business skills we learned something completely new: how to burn through thirthy stacks of post-its in less than 24 hours.

Tuesday we started the first workshop with Kees van Nuenen, also know as ‘Lean Jesus’ about creating personas and customer development. It’s great to work so intense with your team and discuss how everybody thinks about the ideal customer. In the afternoon the first one-on-one conversations with mentors took place. We received a lot of valuable feedback during these conversations. Next week we’ll probably know exactly what mentor whiplash means; hardly being able to process all the info, by the overwhelming amount of it ;)

Wednesday the Business Model Inc two-day course started in which we where challenged to completely rethink our business model canvas. We ended Wednesday with another mentor pitching session. We pitched 3 minutes to all the mentors that couldn’t be there at the final selection days. Again, we got a lot of positive feedback on our storytelling, our design and our solution. We also met very interesting mentors that can connect us to potential strategic partners.

Thursday was another crazy day hosted by Business Model Inc. This day was all about generating new ideas and business model canvasses that are totally different from our current solution. We used a technique called ‘ideation’ to map over 60 new ideas from which we selected a top 3 to work out in a business model canvas. It was awesome to work under such time pressure. It really forces you to make bold decisions and not overthink stuff.

Friday we had another Lean session with Kees focussing on tools, and setting up experiments to validate our assumptions. We came up with some awesome ideas to test the core of our business model canvas that we’re excited to roll out the next two weeks.

We’re looking forward to what the ride will bring us coming week. Do you have any ideas, research or experiments you want us to dive into? Feel free to share them in the comments.