Week 2: Michel’s first coffee

The second week of Startupbootcamp started with Rene and PP cashing in on a bet Michel made with them. Michel wanted to convince PP and Rene to commit a big part of their lives to Ukky and made the promise that he would start drinking coffee when they would decide to do so. And so Michel ended up drinking his first coffee this week. Ever. As often, a picture’s worth a thousand words :).

On the business side of things we mostly worked on our value proposition and roadmap, held in-depth customer conversations with parents and received a lot of valuable insights from the mentor sessions. We also had our first CEO and CTO braintrust. An hour a week in which eleven guys (yep, it’s all guys) cramp into a little room to discuss their innermost feelings and the issues they run into. I’m wondering when the first tears are going to flow ;). And last but not least, we kissed goodbye a handful of beautiful books and shipped them to our dear Ukky customers.

If you currently use Ukky we would love to meet you! Therefore, we will be starting to host Cupcake Wednesdays. The first edition will be held Wednesday April 23 @ Yoghurt Barn Amsterdam. Treats are on us and you can bring your little one(s) :)! Send an email to hello@ukky.com or RSVP on our Facebook event page if you would like to join. Your help and input is highly appreciated!

sbc-week2 kopie