Week 4: Getting ready to ship

The last two weeks we have been working really hard to finish the next big release of Ukky. We have some exciting stuff coming up and can’t wait to get it into your hands. If all goes well, we’ll be submitting our completely overhauled App this Wednesday. Fingers crossed that Apple likes it as much as we do. We’ll make sure to write a detailed post with the insights on how this new version came to life as soon as it is available for download.

We’re now one-third into the program and we’re beginning to feel the pressure of Demo Day building up. Startupbootcamp alumni Odera Ume-Ezeoke, gave an inspiring session to prepare us for what happens after Demo Day. To make sure we don’t fall into a big void as soon as the program ends :). And Patrick is helping us prepare our pitch, challenging every line of text to make it as simple and powerful as possible.

We would still love to meet parents that can help us with testing our service, so if you happen to know a parent or two, please feel free to e-mail me at josien@ukky.com.