Week 5 & 6: The case of the dinosaur

With only 41 days to demo day pressure is steadily building up. That’s why we’re a little late with our recap of the last two weeks. We were too busy pitching :). A short rundown of the highlights of the last two weeks.

We had our first investor sneak preview in which we pitched Ukky in front of a selected group of investors and showed them what we are working on. Over the last four months we have already created a pretty solid storyline. But what I learned is that when you use the same pitch over and over, at some point the story can become mechanical. You’re not able to spread your usual passion.

That’s why we decided to do something bold an hour before our pitch and threw out the usual introduction. We replaced it with a new story about the dinosaur my son gave me the day before the pitch (so I wouldn’t feel lonely :)). And it worked. It really refreshed my mind and I was able to tell a passionate story about why something simple as getting a dinosaur from your son can be something that touches your heart. Making sure everyone in the audience understood the reason why we are building Ukky.

We have also submitted our new iOS version of Ukky to the App Store. Tjeerd, Rene, Robin, Bart and Pieter-Pleun have been working like crazy to finish it up and we’re really proud of what we have achieved with this new version. It has already been approved by Apple so please feel free to download it and take it for a ride. We’d love to hear your feedback! And if you like it, we also like five star reviews ;).

The biggest highlight of this week? Rene’s birthday! He turned 26 and of course such a milestone (it’s only at 26 that you really start to worry about becoming 30) had to be celebrated with the best Dutch treat the Hema has to offer: Appeltaart!

SBC week 5 & 6